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Enrollment Resources Partners with Compliance Powerhouse NCG

Enrollment Resources has chosen National Compliance Group (NCG) as its premier compliance partner for higher education marketing. Since 2003, Enrollment Resources has focused on admissions performance and digital marketing services for the education industry

“We have always considered NCG the gold standard for compliance in education and we are very fortunate to have their expertise available for our clients,” says Shane Sparks, COO of Enrollment Resources.

At the head of National Compliance Group is CEO Jennifer Flood, a nationally recognized compliance resource for private and career education providers.

“As regulations tighten, and accreditation standards change, agencies and schools both need trusted experts to guide them through this tumultuous time in career education. We are prepared to meet that challenge and look forward to working with Enrollment Resources as they continue to meet client goals, but with a focus on compliant messaging,” says Flood.

With the impending closure of national accreditor ACICS and host of legal issues, career schools in the United States have had a rough year. “It’s important for our clients to know that we are working to provide marketing on their behalf that meets a high standard of compliant performance, and this partnership proves that,” notes Sparks. “We encourage other agencies in the United States to do the same.”

Enrollment Resources is a leading innovator in internet marketing for career education. From website development, SEO services and admission performance software to training, testing and monitoring admission staff, Enrollment Resources is a leader in higher education marketing.

For more information, contact:

Catherine Novak
Marketing Manager

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