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Improved SEO

Your ADA Site Compliance reports identify website issues that affect the ability for search engines (spiders) to index your site effectively. This lowers your site’s rankings on all search engines, including Google and Bing.

Upon making the recommended changes, you will very likely see improved SEO rankings, resulting in decreased PPC costs. Your business will benefit from more traffic to your website and increased sales conversions.

Improved ROI

Increased ROI comes from the fact that many disabled individuals who previously could not navigate your site will now have the ability to do so. This is a differentiator between your business and your competitors. It’s a low-cost advantage that will provide significant returns.

An accessible and ADA compliant website has the potential to increase your sales by over 20%. The market segment of persons with a disability are very loyal to businesses and websites that make legitimate efforts to increase their quality of life. Your businesses social media presence can also be improved as visitors share their favorable interactions with your businesses. Offering your business a significant and fiercely loyal revenue stream.




Lawsuits are Expensive!

Many companies have received lawsuits and demand letters due to their websites and PDFs not being compliant in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Department of Justice has backed many of these lawsuits. It is extremely expensive to hire attorneys and pay associated fees and costs; this is only to defend your business. There are many additional related costs, such as, human capital, unwanted negative PR, and stress on your overall business.

You must be proactive to potentially avoid spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, along with the cost of reputational damage perpetuated via traditional and social media. ADA Site Compliance can help you mitigate website and PDF compliance issues and provide a new revenue stream and significant goodwill.




“Small businesses may take an annual tax credit for making their businesses accessible to persons with disabilities”

According to the IRS, all efforts to improve website accessibility
are eligible for a 50% tax credit for any expenditures over $250,
with a maximum tax benefit of $5,000.

Please consult an accounting professional for specific details regarding your businesses eligibility.
ADA Site Compliance offers this information for reference purposes only and does not imply in any way that your business will qualify for any tax incentives.

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